Summer Fun Mom’s Will Love

“Summer Fun Mom’s Will Love”

by Caryn Moya Block

I don’t know about you, but my calendar is suddenly filling up faster than I can imagine. Here are a fun couple of things Mom will love.

First of all, I am part of the Mega Summer Giveaway.

sunset on the beach of caribbean sea
sunset on the beach of caribbean sea

Enter  a Rafflecopter giveaway to win a $500.00 gift card. Enter now until June 21st. Lots of easy ways to enter.

Hope you take advantage of this chance. It’s a huge giveaway and I would love one of my peeps to win!

Next. I have two books up for Pre-Orders. One to be released June 8th and the other August 8th.

Coming Soon


My Perfect Mate

The Siberian Volkov Pack Romance Book Ten

 Six months have passed since Susan Adams was forced to become a lycan. She’s embraced the wolf with her whole heart, but having super senses and running on four feet can’t help her keep a job or figure out where she belongs. Now, with a mating bond snapping into place and the mating heat riding her hard, Susan’s wolf is demanding she cement the bond in place. There’s only one problem. Her mate isn’t a lycan. In fact, she’s not sure what he is, and mating Susan is the farthest thing on his mind.

 Jean Paul Nadeau is not your ordinary elemental witch. He’s one of the famed Averys, as human witches know him. In truth, he is an immortal Fae Lord sent by the Queen of Avalon to guard a dimensional gateway sitting in the middle of Quebec City. When the lycan mating bond attaches to his heart, JP is both delighted and dismayed. Finding his “Destined One” is an unexpected gift, one that could cost him more than his immortality.

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Black&Shadow copy

                          Black and Shadow

Shadow Walker Tribe Romance Series

Book Three

Joseph Running Bear is a member of the Shadow Walker’s, a covert black ops unit, and head of security for Isanti, Inc. So when one of his men gets killed by terrorists, he takes it personally. Once the terrorists are destroyed, Joe is left with the guilt and loss of his friend, Fred Black. All that’s left to do is send the man’s belongings to his little sister in New York City.

Jessica Black heads west to New Mexico to find out what really happened to her brother. The police haven’t been any help, stating national security, but Jessica doesn’t buy it. Fred would never be caught unawares if he was mixed up with terrorists. Plus there is the company, Isanti, Inc. that her brother worked for, a company he was trying to get her to join. She knows something more is going on. Why all the secrecy and runaround if this is a simple case of her brother being caught in the crossfire?

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Finally, I am a Featured Author at the Authors After Dark Conference in Atlanta August 12- August 16. I am sponsoring a table at the Shifter’s Picnic Lunch and the Bump in the Night Ball. Tickets are on sale now! So sign up and come sit with me.

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I don’t know about you, but it looks like Summer is going to be HOT! Hope all the Mom’s out there have a great Mother’s Day.


New Release – Aerial Magic by Caryn Moya Block

It’s Here! Aerial Magic

by Caryn Moya Block

I had so much fun writing this book and working with my editor to make it the best version it could be. My other series of books is set in contemporary Earth, except for adding some well hidden paranormal beings and talents. This series begins that way with Destined Magic and then the magic begins. Each book in the series will take the heroes on an adventure into a different world.  I find world building exhilarating. I love coming up with different cultures and belief systems. In Aerial Magic you get to enter the world of the Fae, a beautiful and deadly place. Enjoy!


Aerial Magic copyAerial Magic

Book Two of the Witch Guardian Romance Series

Elise Delaire, the Guardian healer, goes to the bonding ceremony of her best friend. While there, Mabel Avery, the commander of the Guardians, introduces her to Curtis Brant. But when Elise shakes Brant’s hand, she realizes that not only is this man not who he says he is, he is also her Destined One.

Owen Avery is on a mission from the queen of the Fae. Apprehend the rogue Fae who is now being called the Red Wizard. Everything is going according to plan until he shakes hands with the delectable Elise. Not only can she see through his disguise, but her touch causes his magic house tattoo to take on color, proving that she is his Destined One. Is he willing to give up his immortality and his home, the land of the Fae, to claim her?

This is book two in the Witch Guardian Romance Series. To enjoy this book to the fullest, it is suggested that you read the series in order, starting with “Destined Magic”.

Sneak Peak #1:

As their hands touched, sparks shot from their fingertips. A shock of electricity traveled up her arm and into her heart. The man in front of her wavered, growing taller. His hair turned white blond and fell to his shoulders. The thick glasses disappeared and his eyes deepened in color to emerald. The bone structure in his face became more angular and his ears appeared to grow pointed tips. A look of shock crossed his features.


Sneak Peek#2:

Trumpets blared and a woman wearing a crystal studded emerald dress and tall silver crown entered, followed by several more guards. Pearls lay draped in her long white blond hair.

“At last, Owen has sent Rhaim home. Guards take my nephew to the dungeon until I decide his fate. Now, what have we here, and where is Owen?” the woman asked. Two men wearing blue and gold uniforms dragged the Red Wizard from the room.

Elise tried to sit up the rest of the way, and moaned when her brain threatened to burst. “Owen is at the Red Wizard’s compound. I used the bracelet port key,” Elise said, holding onto her head, the sound of her own voice painful to her ears.

“Who might you be?” the woman asked. This must be the Queen of the Fae who Owen mentioned.

“I’m Elise Delaire, Owen’s Destined One. I’m a Guardian.”

“Guards, take this human out and kill her,” the woman said.


Sneak Peek#3:

“Uh, uh, uh. None of that,” Owen said, taking her hand from his body and pulling it to the headboard. “You are mine, little healer, all mine. Wood so hard, mold and carve, bracelet wrists to hold and guard.”

The wood of the headboard stretched and opened to encase Elise’s wrists. “Hey, no fair,” Elise complained, tugging experimentally at the bonds. They held tight.

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The Reader’s Power

You, dear reader, have an incredibly powerful voice. You can make an author’s day (with a nice review), you can tell an author what you’d like to see (either through Facebook, Twitter or an email) or you can show them how much you like their books (by telling your friends about it).

MeredithBond_BridgingtheStorm-200 I love hearing from readers. I love getting comments about my books—both good and bad. And I love learning what you’d like to know more about. It was through such comments that I realized that I needed to write Bridging the Storm, Book 2 of the Storm series which just went up for pre-order last Monday.

I had written Magic in the Storm about the seventh child of the seventh child in the seventh generation who is destined to be the most powerful Vallen (magical person)… except that he was born the wrong sex. It’s the story of how Morgan (the hero) learns how he can attain his destiny and the powers he should have had. Throughout the story, Morgan fights not only the fact that he doesn’t have all of his powers, but his mother as well. She is furious at him for MagicInTheStorm 6x8being male and has always hated him because of that.

But my readers wrote to me and cried out that they couldn’t understand how a woman could treat her son the way Morgan’s mother treats him!

I wrote Storm on the Horizon so that people could learn about where Morgan’s mother, Tatiana came from. What was important to her (duty above all else!) and how she met and fell in love with Kit, Morgan’s father. It’s a sweet novella where we get to meet the young Tatiana and fall in love with her and Kit.

But then my readers cried out that they now loved Tatiana and still didn’t understand how she could treat Morgan so badly in Magic in the Storm. I’d actually made things worse!

New Storm Cover 2x3So, now, I’ve written Bridging the Storm. It is, partly, the tale of how Tatiana became the horrible person she is in Magic in the Storm—through no fault of her own, really, the odds were stacked against her… but you’ll have to read the book to learn more. But I couldn’t just have a sad tale of a woman going mad, I’m a romance writer! So the main plot of the story is actually the romance between Sir Arthur Dagonet and Kit’s niece, Kate Cherington.

Poor Kate was taken to live with her aunt and uncle when she was six, after her mother died. Terrified of being abandoned again she makes herself indispensable to Tatiana—so much so that Tatiana has no intention of ever introducing Kate to society so that she can find someone to marry. But Kate longs for marriage, or barring that, an exciting life of travel and exploration, just like in the books she loves to read.

Sir Arthur Dagonet is Sir Dagonet from my Children of Avalon series. At the end of Fire: Nimuë’s Destiny, Merlin gave Sir Dagonet the gift of being able to become young whenever he wants—only that gift has turned into a curse! Dagonet can’t die. After seeing everyone he’s ever loved pass on, he’s ready to go himself, he just needs to find someone to remove Merlin’s gift. Tatiana, the high priestess of the Vallen, might be the only person who can do this, so when she invites him to her home, he’s thrilled. Little does he know that there he’ll meet the one woman who just might make being alive worthwhile.

So, my dear Reader, without you I never would have written this book. Think about this the next time you lose yourself in a fantastic story. On the other end of it is a writer who would love to hear what you have to say about the book. A writer who, just might, take your words to heart and write another book—just for you!

Bridging the Storm now available for pre-order for only 99 cents at Amazon, Kobo, Apple iBooks and Google Play! Storm on the Horizon is being re-released on Monday, February 16, re-edited and with added scenes as well as a new cover and is available for free at your favorite e-retailer including Amazon, Barnes & NobleApple iBooks, Kobo, and Google Play.

Now Available for Pre-Orders, Aerial Magic by Caryn Moya Block

Aerial Magic copy


Available for Pre-Order

Release date: March 9, 2015

Aerial Magic

Book Two of the Witch Guardian Romance Series

Elise Delaire, the Guardian healer, goes to the bonding ceremony of her best friend. While there, Mabel Avery, the commander of the Guardians, introduces her to Curtis Brant. But when Elise shakes Brant’s hand, she realizes that not only is this man not who he says he is, he is also her Destined One.

Owen Avery is on a mission from the queen of the Fae. Apprehend the rogue Fae who is now being called the Red Wizard. Everything is going according to plan until he shakes hands with the delectable Elise. Not only can she see through his disguise, but her touch causes his magic house tattoo to take on color, proving that she is his Destined One. Is he willing to give up his immortality and his home, the land of the Fae, to claim her?

This is book two in the Witch Guardian Romance Series. To enjoy this book to the fullest, it is suggested that you read the series in order, starting with “Destined Magic”.  Destined Magic 6X9

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Sneak Peek – The Gift of My Mate by Caryn Moya Block

GOMM copyComing November 17th – Available for Pre-Order Now

The Gift of My Mate

A Siberian Volkov Pack Romance

By Caryn Moya Block

Sneak Peek One:

 “I want something from you, too,” Margot said.

“You, woman, are playing with fire,” Mathis said pushing into her hand.

“Then make me burn…”


Sneak Peek Two:

 “Are you out of your mind?” Margot asked, her hands on her hips. She finally had a mate and the first thing he wanted to do was get himself killed. “Let’s make a run for it. Your family can cover for us.”

Margot Martin has been searching for her mate for years. When she couldn’t find a mate in her pack, she started looking for a mate in the human population, earning her a rather shady reputation. Now one of her human admirers has turned stalker and Margot can only turn to the head of pack security, Mathis Levesque, for help.

Mathis Levesque has known from the first moment he saw Margot Martin that she was his mate, a secret he has kept from her, for her own protection. A member of the Betas council’s “Sable Guard” has made him more than one enemy and Mathis didn’t want Margot to become a target. Now she is stalked by a human business man and Mathis must protect the one woman he can’t give up.

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Things that go bump, slip, slide and slurp

jack-o-lanternIt’s what we think about this and every Halloween. But the most fun, for me, of the night is not getting scared out of my wits (I don’t actually enjoy that), but to think about that fine line line between our ordinary world and the Other–the world of Spirits.
What everyone agrees upon, however—and not just in our Western culture, but in many from the East as well—is that this is the time of year when the fine line that separates the two worlds is at its thinnest. This is when those who exist on one side of the line have the chance to cross over to the other.
In the Gaelic tradition (from which our traditional Halloween comes from) on All Hallow’s Eve those which live in the spirit world can pass over into our own. People would either put out all sorts of things to scare these spirits back into their own world—be it scary-looking carved vegetables (pumpkins) or people dressed as scary creatures themselves. Some people spend their time praying to positive spirits to protect them from the nasties. Either way, the night leaves the doors open for negatives to come find us. I like to ward them off with candy.
But even the Hindu tradition knows that it is at this time of year that the veil is thin. This is where the celebration of Diwali diwalicomes in. People put out lights to protect themselves and their homes from negative elements which, at this time of year, can invade our world. In the Indian-Bengali tradition people put a candle at every entrance to their home to keep the negative spirits out. In other parts of India, people light bonfires and set off fireworks to scare away the negative elements.
Other traditions around the world include leaving food out for the spirits who come to visit on this night – to encourage them to come and leave their good will and wisdom with us. Others light candles in memory of those who reside on the other side of the veil or, in China and Japan, to light the path of the spirits so that they may find their way home again.
Whatever your Halloween tradition is—be it welcoming or warding off of spirits—I hope it’s a good one!

Why Paranormal Romance?

Sept Super Moon 2014 034

Why Paranormal Romance?

By Caryn Moya Block

So many fans and family members have asked me, why paranormal romance, why not normal romance? I would have to answer, because I can’t write anything but, paranormal. You see, my life is paranormal. I saw my first ghost at age three. Since that time, there have been too many instances to count the strange things that have happened to me or around me.

I guess some would say, I am sensitive, both emotionally and psychically. I don’t consider myself any different from everyone else. I think all of us have psychic gifts, even if we don’t recognize them. I can feel things empathically and often know things that I have no way of knowing.

I even write intuitively, or by the seat of my pants. I let my fingers fly over the keyboard and my characters tell me the story as we go along. I love it when my characters do something unexpected showing me that even I don’t know what is next in the story. Lately, one of my lycan males explained to me that he wasn’t mated to the girl I had planned for him. He was in fact mated to the bad rich girl I never planned to give a book too. That was the first time one of my characters said “No” to me. I have to tell you, I was surprised and even got a little whiny since I had already bought the book cover for the next book. I still don’t know who the mate is to this female character, but the cover is definitely for her, so hopefully, her mate will speak up soon.

I’ve tried to write a normal romance story. The closest I’ve ever come was starting a medieval romance. I got several pages in and already the story was heading for romance, now if I ever get the chance to finish it, we’ll see where it leads. But I will not promise that something paranormal won’t come in to play.

Another reason I write paranormal is because I have so many paranormal stories wandering around in my head. If I didn’t write them down, I might go crazy. Also, I like to wonder and dream about worlds where people are more than what they seem.

We’ve come a long way from people with psychic gifts being burned at the stake. Now you can turn on the television and see all kinds of shows on the paranormal. You can go ghost hunting with known experts. I did that with Mark Nesbitt in Gettysburg, PA. After a weekend of psychic investigation, I discovered how sensitive I truly was and that I could actually get sick being near ghosts.

So, that’s my answer. What about you? Do you have any paranormal things happening in your life?Caryn Ghosthunting

(This picture is of me while investigating inside a civil war house used as a hospital. It is during the day and no flash was used. You can see the orb floating near my head. At this time I am beginning to feel ill being in the house and have backed up against the wall because of feeling threatened. A short time later, I had to leave the premises because I felt like I was going to throw up. As soon as I was outside, I felt better and was able to continue on the tour.)


Now available for Pre-Orders – Beta’s Mate

2 Betas Mate 300 textComing Soon By Caryn Moya Block

October 6th, 2014

Beta’s Mate

Siberian Volkov Pack Romance Series

 Book Eight

Brenda Scott, while being cured of cancer, had her world turned upside down when she shifted into a wolf. Now living in Quebec with her new pack, she wonders if her dream of being in a special operations unit is forever out of reach. Then there is the quiet man who watches her with the yellow eyes of a wolf wanting his mate. Will she be able to adapt to her new wild urgings?

Granger Thibault wants his mate more than anything in the world. But he knows that if he pushes her, she will fight back. Once a soldier and the Alpha female’s litter mate, Brenda is a force to be reckoned with. Can Granger find a way around Brenda’s hard shell to the soft woman waiting to be loved?

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Christmas in July

Christmas in July

Christmas in July

by Caryn Moya Block

Here we are, in the middle of summer, with hot muggy days in Virginia. But, the Hallmark Shop is releasing their new Christmas ornaments, and already the countdown has started to one of my favorite times of the year.

The current book I am working on is also taking place during months of snow and cold. So, to get us all in the mood, I decided to share with you a taste of Christmas “Lycan Style”.

SWC 300A Siberian Werewolf Christmas

Available now at all e-Retailers

Margaret Brady knows she must be out of her mind to go to Siberia for Christmas. But her intuition won’t let her turn down the invitation of her best friend, Violet Volkov. When she meets the good looking Vyacheslav Putyatinov, she knows just what she wants for Christmas.

Vyacheslav “Slava” Putyatinov thinks any human woman coming to the Siberian Lycan village will be trouble. But one unmated could be a disaster. When he is put in charge of the American siren he finds trouble can lead to desire.



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Sneak Peek – Wolfe’s Mate By Caryn Moya Block


Sneak Peek #1 – Wolfe’s Mate – Coming June 17th


The sound of her name vibrated through her body. She looked down at her chest. The golden thread of the lycan mating bond glowed softly. Her gaze followed its yellow light and she turned to find him standing in a doorway.The golden heartmate bond tied to his heart. Seeing him, she forgot to breathe.

 Wolfe’s Mate

A Siberian Volkov Romance

Book Seven


When her brother accidentally turns her into a lycan, Esme Fortescue struggles to find her balance. Now, while her brother desperately attempts to return her humanity, her lycan heartmate seduces her in her dreams.

Jared Wolfe has waited six months before claiming his mate due to the death of his parents and becoming the new Alpha of the Quebec Province. When Esme is in an accident and her brother disappears, Jared decides he can’t wait to claim her any longer. But will Esme consent to leave and can his newly changed mate handle the new Alpha?

For More Information or to connect with Caryn Moya Block: