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Christmas in July Sale: Just in Time for a Highland Christmas by Dawn Marie Hamilton

It has been hot, hot, hot where I live. The other evening around 6 o’clock, we crossed the Potomac River near Dahlgren , VA. It was 101 degrees at the highest point on the bridge. So, to cool down, I’m thinking of snow and Christmas. Christmas in July. And, a Christmas in July Sale.

Just in Time for a Highland Christmas
Beat the heat with a cool read!


Just in Time for a Highland Christmas
A Highland Gardens Novella
Book 2.5

Just 99 pennies for the rest of July!

For Kindle and Nook


Can a determined brownie craft a perfect match in time for Christmas?

When the Chief of Clan MacLachlan travels to the stronghold of his feuding neighbors to fetch his betrothed, she is gone. A year later, she is still missing. Making life more vexing, a band of reivers are stealing clan cattle, leaving behind destruction. Archibald MacLachlan determines to capture them and administer harsh punishment.

Though once in love with the man, Isobell Lamont refuses to wed her clan’s enemy. After running away, she joins the band of reivers set on revenge.

Can Archibald forgive the raven-haired beauty? Will a journey through time bring them together for a Highland Christmas?

A snowy excerpt:

“Can we make snow angels?” Scott hollered over bantering voices.

“Yes, please,” Young Iain begged, too.

Laurie urged the lads into jackets and the entire family trudged out into the snowy garden. Patrick flicked a switch. Light illuminated the area, making the snow sparkle. The lads fell onto their backs in the snow, waving their arms and legs. The imprints left behind were the images of angels. Laurie made a large one. Patrick’s even larger.

If a once powerful warrior could display a playful side so could she. Isobell dropped onto her back to make an angel of her own. To her utter surprise, Archie threw off his plaide and plopped beside her in naught but his trews and leine. As they spread their arms to make angel wings their fingers touched. Their gazes met. A thrill shot through her.

Archie’s eyes flared. He must have felt it, too.

She couldn’t let the moment pass without making one last memory with him. Isobell squeezed his fingers. “Come with me. I ken a special place.”


~Dawn Marie

Celtic symbology and the holly maze in Twelvetide by Dawn Marie Hamilton

In Celtic symbology, the labyrinth, or maze, represents pathway(s) leading to the center of one’s spirit. ‘Tis said one should release burdens on the way to the center of the maze then accept what is needed most on the way out . For Twelvetide, I used a holly maze to unite the heroine, Ashley, with her destined mate, Caelan, her other half, and thusly combine their spirits. Or at least, that is what I hope the book’s readers take away from the symbology.

A post card from the 60"s of The Governor's Palace Maze Williamsburg
Postcard available at

The holly maze in Twelvetide was modeled after the maze depicted in this sixties vintage postcard featuring the holly maze at the Governor’s Palace in Williamsburg on sale at  I imagined the Twelvetide holly maze as more expansive and with only one tree, an ancient oak, at its center. The spot where Caelan awaits Ashley, first when she was seven and later, more importantly, when she was a grown woman.

Unfortunately, it is my understanding the maze at Williamsburg is now privet and shorter.


An excerpt from Twelvetide:

Ashley raced across the car park. The flame in the lantern flickered, its beam of light dancing crazily over the snow-covered, icy gravel. Slipping, she teetered, but regained balance. Hurry. She hadn’t come this far only to be too late. She slid to a stop at the gate and fumbled with the key. Dammit, her hands shook. Hurry. Hurry. She inserted the key and twisted. Crap. It didn’t fit quite right. With firm jiggling, she forced the key into position. The locking mechanism finally clicked. With a relieved sigh, she pushed the grille open and stepped within the ancient garden.

The maze wasn’t there. Was she too early or too late?

Precipitation no longer fell and the storm clouds slid away on a south-easterly wind. A bright half-moon cast silvery illumination over the landscape, diminishing the need for the lantern. She strolled toward the dolphin fountain. A dazzling light flashed in the sky, blinding her for a moment. When Ashley’s vision cleared, everything had changed.

The garden was as she remembered.

Bright sunbeams shimmered down from a cloudless cerulean sky. A warm breeze carried the mingled scents of roses and honeysuckle. Ashley parked the lantern on the edge of the fountain and dropped her wool coat to the ground as she had as a child. Pulse racing, she walk-ran over the stepping stone path to the holly maze.

With the key clutched in a firm grip, she hesitated at the entrance, swallowed hard, and entered the winding twists and turns. On her last visit, she’d had the blond-headed boy to follow through the maze. Where was he now? Would Cael be at the oak tree, if and when she found it?

Close your eyes and trust in your heart.

“Who said that?” The androgynous voice sounded corporeal, but no one was there. Was it a ghostly voice? Was Cael haunting the maze, trying to spook her with a disguised voice?

Why would he do that? He’d made her promise to return to him.

Believe in the magic and find your heart’s desire.

Ashley shivered, spooked by the voice in her head. Get a grip, Ashley. You’ve been waiting to return to the garden for what felt like a lifetime. She inhaled a deep breath and closed her eyes. Ignoring mounting anxiety, she groped with her hands like a child playing blind man’s bluff, and walked straight into a prickly holly hedge.

“Ouch!” She popped her eyes open and stuck a stinging finger into her mouth.

Damn. This wasn’t working and time was wasting away. She didn’t know how long she’d have with Cael before the magic expired. She shoved the key into a jeans pocket and took the first right. Hung a left. Another left. Turned right and hit a dead end. Grrr!

“Cael, where are you?” she shouted.

No response. With fisted hands, she retraced her steps then went right again. Left. Left. Left. Ending at a T-juncture. Ashley jammed her hands in her pants pockets and blew out a puff of air. Should she go right or left?

“Please, Cael, help me find you.”

Close your eyes. Believe in the magic.

That strange voice again. She swallowed uneasily, wary of such potent magic. Well, she’d just need to get over her apprehensions if she wanted to find Cael. And she did want to find him.

Okay. She closed her eyes, waiting, listening to silence.

Hmmmm. A faint humming. Should she? Slowly. One step at a time. Twisting and turning. She followed the hum through the maze. Astonishingly, she managed not to walk into the shrubbery walls. After taking a countless number of turns, the droning sound rose in pitch no longer mellifluous. She popped her eyes wide. The irritating noise instantly died.

In the center of the square clearing, the large oak tree stood proud as she remembered.

Her heart plummeted. He wasn’t there. Cael wasn’t there. Her shoulders drooped. Moisture pricked the back of her eyes.

Cael stepped from behind the tree, sporting a sexy grin. Damn, the man, the real man, was hotter than her dreams.

Ashley’s insides turned to mush. She ran toward him and stopped just short.

Enchanted Highlands
99 cents or free with Kindle Unlimited

Twelvetide is available at Amazon in the Enchanted Highlands collection from authors April Holthaus, Victoria Zak, and Dawn Marie Hamilton.


~Dawn Marie



New Release – My Perfect Mate by Caryn Moya Block

My Perfect Mate is now LIVE!

Come join Susan and JP as they journey into the Arctic Circle to save the world.

Sneak Peek:

“What’s their problem with lycans?” Susan asked as they started down the stairs.

“I don’t think anyone really knows,” Esme said. “Our kinds have interbred when the mating bond snapped into place. Mathis and the children prove that by turning into arctic wolves. Something must have happened in the past and now some, not all, of the polar bear shifters hate the lycans. They keep saying it’s about territorial hunting grounds. Lycans don’t hunt the seal or whale. Maybe you can find out more while you’re up there.”

“There you are, Suzy-Q. Ready to go?” Ujarak asked from the front door.

“Where’s JP?” Why did she have to sound so needy?

Ujarak frowned. “He’s outside with Mathis and Jared. I guess you’ll want to ride with him.”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Susan said.

Ujarak turned and stomped out the door. Esme squeezed her hand. “He must really like you to be so jealous. Are you going to be all right with these two?”

“Sure. I have every woman’s dream, a mate and a spare. What could go wrong?”

Myperfectmate_HugeMy Perfect Mate

The Siberian Volkov Pack Romance Book Ten

 Six months have passed since Susan Adams was forced to become a lycan. She’s embraced the wolf with her whole heart, but having super senses and running on four feet can’t help her keep a job or figure out where she belongs. Now, with a mating bond snapping into place and the mating heat riding her hard, Susan’s wolf is demanding she cement the bond in place. There’s only one problem. Her mate isn’t a lycan. In fact, she’s not sure what he is, and mating Susan is the farthest thing on his mind.

 Jean Paul Nadeau is not your ordinary elemental witch. He’s one of the famed Averys, as human witches know him. In truth, he is an immortal Fae Lord sent by the Queen of Avalon to guard a dimensional gateway sitting in the middle of Quebec City. When the lycan mating bond attaches to his heart, JP is both delighted and dismayed. Finding his “Destined One” is an unexpected gift, one that could cost him more than his immortality.

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Happy Spring! And, a Sneak Peek: Just Wait For Me


Happy Spring!

Spring has finally sprung in my neighborhood, and I’m crazy busy working on my next book. In the meantime, more birds are visiting our feeders and a bluebird couple has moved into the bluebird house on our fence. Watching them is a wonderful diversion during breaks.

Just Wait For Me

Coming Summer 2015

Since I’m working on JUST WAIT FOR ME, the third full-length novel in the Highland Gardens series, I thought I might share the opening lines (unedited) from the prologue…

9 September, 1513
Near the village of Branxton

The king is dead.

Anguish tore from her halfling soul with a fae scream that reverberated over the field of devastation like rolling thunder. Silence ensued. Men frozen in fear.

Caitrina dropped to her knees beside the redheaded warrior and ran gentle fingers along the bloodied curve of his handsome face. Damn Oonagh! Damn the fae queen! She’d refused to allow Caitrina to intervene in the politics of the mortals and prevent this tragedy.

Now, the king lay dead, fatally wounded by an arrow and a bill. Be damned the English and their nasty weapon—the bill, a staff mounted with hooked chopping blade and pointed projections. The Scots hadn’t stood a chance against the onslaught in this slippery, hilly terrain with their cumbersome pikes.

Heart broken, she cradled the man to her breast. Such greatness lost. Tears spilled unchecked onto his precious face. Too late. Even the magic tears of a Sithichean princess couldn’t revive the king.

“Caitrina! Let us be away from here.” The brùnaidh, the Maclachlan Clan brownie, fussed at her back. “We must remove Stephen from the field before the English learn he lives and plunge a bill into his chest.”

She ignored the wee man. How would the Scots forge forward without their beloved king—with only a bairn and the sister of the despised English monarch to guide them?

~Dawn Marie

Sea Panther by Dawn Marie Hamilton – Christmas Eve Excerpt

Sea Panther
A Crimson Storm Novel
Book #1

This is
E-book: AmazonAmazon UKSmashwords, kobo,
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Amazon, BAMand Barnes&Noble.


goodreads-badge-Sea Panther ~ a Scottish inspired paranormal romance with a Highlander vampire shifter hero, a modern damsel in distress, adventure, suspense, and romance. And a wee bit of time travel—just for fun.


A drunk banged into the table and broke the steamy spell holding Kimberly and Robert enthralled. She choked on a flat laugh. He cleared his throat.

The awkward moment thickened the air. Made it hard to breathe.

Kimberly twitched her nose. Now would be a good time to find a hidey-hole to crawl into. Perspiration glazed the skin between her breasts. God, her face must be the color of a ripe strawberry.

“I overheard you,” Robert said.

“Did you?” Just great.

“Aye.” His gaze dropped to the tabletop. He picked up a drink stirrer and fiddled with it.

Mesmerized, she watched large fingers nimbly tie the thin strip of plastic into a bowline knot. The naughty image of him using the same knot to tie a silk scarf around her wrists flashed in her mind. Where had that idea come from?

“What the rest of the crew has been trying hard not to tell you is I have a rare blood disease.” Her wayward thought splintered at the unemotional statement of fact.

She gazed into his eyes, searching for something empathetic to say.

“I have to take it easy until my doctors can find a donor with the right DNA makeup to help me. That is why I sleep a lot.”

“I’m sorry.” Oh, that sounded lame. Worse yet, she’d been thinking about sex. Kinky sex. My God, what had come over her lately? She’d never thought of having that kind of sex with Jason. Heat rose from toes to face. Thank God Robert couldn’t read minds. She reached for her mug, but it was empty.

“Dance with me?” He grasped her hand.

She nodded, and followed him onto the dance floor. “When they find a donor, will they be able to make you well?”

His eyes clouded. “I hope so.”

So did she.

He tucked her close, held her tight, smooth cheek against the rasp of whiskers, as they swayed with the other couples to the sweet melody of an Irish love song. She embraced hard muscle as she wrapped her arms around him.

How could a virile man like Robert be critically ill?

When the song ended, she pulled away, feeling awkward. He seemed uncomfortable too. They returned to the booth at the same time as the twins.

The moment Robert sat, his cell phone buzzed. He grabbed it from his belt. “Aye.” A dark expression hardened his features. “Do what you can. Tell Colin to be ready to motor out and set sail as soon as we arrive.”

Alarm pinched. Something bad must have happened.

He returned the phone to his belt and pulled her to her feet.

“What’s up?” Davey asked.

“We have trouble.” Robert pushed Kimberly through the crowd toward the back door. Davey and John followed. Once they were out in the night air, Robert answered Davey’s question, “It appears Miss Scot is wanted by the sheriff’s department.”

Kimberly wanted to explain, but he cut her off.

“Colin is stalling the deputies, which will buy us some time but not much. You two…” He directed an intense stare at the twins. “Go to the boat and make ready to cast off on Colin’s order. I will borrow a launch, and we will rendezvous offshore.”

John and Davey disappeared into the shadows.

“Come.” Robert tugged on her arm.

They ran down the back alley away from the Christmas gaiety. By the time they reached the outskirts of town, Kimberly panted for breath. She still hadn’t figured out how to explain the situation. “Captain, I—”

“Just answer one question. Did you break the law?”

“No.” She shook her head with force. “Definitely not.”

“Then you can explain later. Now, we need to hurry.” He led her behind a waterfront hotel. They jogged across the manicured lawn to a private dock with a Zodiac tied to it. Luck was with them. Keys dangled from the ignition.

The inflatable boat raced out into the dark night. When the town with its twinkling lights looked like a miniature holiday village, Robert idled the engine, and they drifted.

“I’m sorry. I’ve done nothing wrong.” Kimberly found it hard to believe the mess that had caught up with her.

~Dawn Marie

Just in Time for a Highland Christmas by Dawn Marie Hamilton – Christmas Eve Excerpt

Just in Time for a Highland Christmas
A Highland Gardens Novella
Book #2.5

Available at Amazon for Kindle
and in trade paperback.
FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Just in Time for a Highland Christmas—a Scottish historical time travel romance with Highlanders, scheming faeries, a mischievous brownie, magic, adventure, and romance set in 16th century Scotland and the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.


“Can we make snow angels?” Scott hollered over bantering voices.

“Yes, please,” Young Iain begged too.

Laurie urged the lads into jackets and the entire family trudged out into the snowy garden. Patrick flicked a switch. Light illuminated the area, making the snow sparkle. The lads fell onto their backs in the snow, waving their arms and legs. The imprints left behind were the images of angels. Laurie made a large one. Patrick’s even larger.

If a once powerful warrior could display a playful side so could she. Isobell dropped onto her back to make an angel of her own. To her utter surprise, Archie threw off his plaide and plopped beside her in naught but his trews and leine. As they spread their arms to make angel wings their fingers touched. Their gazes met. A thrill shot through her.

Archie’s eyes flared. He must have felt it too.

She couldn’t let the moment pass without making one last memory with him. Isobell squeezed his fingers. “Come with me. I ken a special place.”

Archie grabbed his plaide and they slipped away from the others frolicking in the snow. She guided him through the inn’s garden, along the well-trodden woodland trail, through the meadow and into Laurie’s garden and the privacy of the orchid room. Was doubtful the family or guests would visit on this most special of nights—Christmas Eve.

“Why have you brought me here?” he asked.

“Why do you think?” She hoped her smile appeared sensual.

He raised a brow. She pressed against him, grasped his hands and pulled his arms around her, placing them on her bum. His response, a firm squeeze, urged her on. Stretching up onto the balls of her feet, she leaned in and kissed him as sweetly, as passionately, as her heart demanded.

A rough sound erupted from deep within his throat, a growl, a demand, and the kiss intensified into a meeting of mouths and tongues, wet and wild. Isobell’s breath came from Archie and his from her. When the fever calmed, forehead resting against forehead, they gasped for air.

“So, that is your answer, lass?”

“Oh, aye!” She melted against him.

He glanced around the small glass chamber then stepped away. He grabbed a cushion from one of the chairs and tossed it on the floor. Then another and another. Using all the cushions, he made a fine bed.

Archie dropped onto the cushions, tested their comfort then offered an inviting hand. “Join me.”

She fell on knees on the cushions beside him. Suddenly feeling shy, she tentatively touched his smooth cheek. She had no experience seducing a man.

Archibald wrinkled his nose in the sweetest way. “What?”

“You have been with so many other women. I dinnae ken…”

“Nae so many.”

“But Da said—”

“He said a lot of things that were not true. Aye?”

“Aye.” She lowered her gaze embarrassed for having believed all the lies.

Archie slid a palm over her hair and down an arm. “I will be gentle.”

~Dawn Marie

Sneak Peek – The Gift of My Mate by Caryn Moya Block

GOMM copyComing November 17th – Available for Pre-Order Now

The Gift of My Mate

A Siberian Volkov Pack Romance

By Caryn Moya Block

Sneak Peek One:

 “I want something from you, too,” Margot said.

“You, woman, are playing with fire,” Mathis said pushing into her hand.

“Then make me burn…”


Sneak Peek Two:

 “Are you out of your mind?” Margot asked, her hands on her hips. She finally had a mate and the first thing he wanted to do was get himself killed. “Let’s make a run for it. Your family can cover for us.”

Margot Martin has been searching for her mate for years. When she couldn’t find a mate in her pack, she started looking for a mate in the human population, earning her a rather shady reputation. Now one of her human admirers has turned stalker and Margot can only turn to the head of pack security, Mathis Levesque, for help.

Mathis Levesque has known from the first moment he saw Margot Martin that she was his mate, a secret he has kept from her, for her own protection. A member of the Betas council’s “Sable Guard” has made him more than one enemy and Mathis didn’t want Margot to become a target. Now she is stalked by a human business man and Mathis must protect the one woman he can’t give up.

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What sups do you love?

There are vapires (or vampyres), weres, witches, ghosts, faeries, demons and angels to name a few. And then there are the combinations and variations of all of the above. So which do you like best?

Do you like to switch them up? Read a vampire novel followed by a ghost story, following by something about the fae? That’s what I do.

It depends on my mood what I want to read. Some days I feel like getting in deep with the undead, other days it’s exploring faery magic, and some days I just want a little animal mixed in with my reading. But most of the time it depends on whether I feel like reading a mystery, thriller or historical because all paranormal books are about more than just the paranormal being that is the protagonist. There’s got to something more, something interesting, grabbing in the story that keeps me reading—more than just the fun of the author’s take on the supernatural.

My biggest problem, though, is that I love historicals. I love to read about another time and place. And there just aren’t that many paranormal historical books. Which is why I write.

Since I couldn’t find the paranormal historicals I wanted to read, I started writing them. I’ve always been fascinated with the fact that some people just have an amazing talent (whether it be painting, music, science or politics) and so I created a world where those with talent aren’t ordinary, but magical. Their talent is their magic. I called them Vallen (Latin for powerful) and have so far written three full length novels and one novella about them in my Storm series and, more recently, in my Children of Avalon series (the two series are set in two different time periods—the first in Regency England, the other in post-Arthurian England).

So, what do you enjoy in your paranormals? Witches? Vampires? History? Mystery? I’d love to know! And just for your enjoyment, below is an excerpt (the proglogue) from my Regency set paranormal, Magic in the Storm (available wherever you buy ebooks).MagicInTheStorm 6x8


June 21, 1794

The wind whipped through Tatiana’s hair, prying it free from her forehead where it had been plastered with sweat. Heat swirled around them threatening to burst into flames. Vallentyn jumped as a bolt of lightning shot into the ground just feet from where he stood coddling that infant in his arms.

“Tatiana, stop this! Stop it right now. You cannot kill our son.”

“Our son?” she repeated, fury burning through her. “And what of my daughter?” she shouted over the gale of hot wind that wove around them. “What of the prophecy? What…” her voice faltered.

She was tired. Too tired. Although the birth had been easier than many of the others, she was getting old. Only her fury at this injustice kept her awake now.

How could this have happened? Her child. Her beloved. Her daughter. Seventh child of the seventh child in the seventh generation—a boy!

Tatiana shoved down the pain that threatened to overwhelm her and instead burst forth with another bolt of anger, coming even closer to Vallentyn this time.

“I don’t know, Tatiana. Truly, I don’t know. But you cannot kill him!” Her husband stood his ground and pleaded with her even as the sweat poured down his forehead.

In a very brief moment of weakness, Tatiana almost felt for him. But then she caught sight of the abomination in his arms and the hot wind picked up once more.

“I can and I will,” she shouted. “He was not meant to be. I was to have a girl. She was to be the most powerful Vallen in generations. As powerful as Morgan Le Fey.” Tatiana could barely keep the tears from her voice. “My Morgan. She was to be…”

“I know, Tatiana,” Vallentyn’s voice filled with soothing magic. “But he is still our seventh child. Perhaps he will be powerful. Perhaps the prophecy will still hold…”

“Perhaps? Perhaps nothing! Perhaps he will burn in hell!” The temperature around them rose even hotter.

“Perhaps we all will, but you cannot kill him. Swear to me that you will not.” Vallentyn’s pale blue eyes looked deeply into her own and she could feel herself crack and cool. How could he do this to her? He was not nearly so powerful as she, and yet…

“I swear.” The words burned through her. They scorched the air and hung there dripping sweat and then were blown away on his cooling breeze.

The child peered at her from within the protective cocoon of his father’s arms, his large dark eyes framed with black lashes so like her own. He reached out a small fisted hand toward her, but Tatiana turned away. She hated him as she had never hated before.


Sneak Peek – Wolfe’s Mate By Caryn Moya Block


Sneak Peek #1 – Wolfe’s Mate – Coming June 17th


The sound of her name vibrated through her body. She looked down at her chest. The golden thread of the lycan mating bond glowed softly. Her gaze followed its yellow light and she turned to find him standing in a doorway.The golden heartmate bond tied to his heart. Seeing him, she forgot to breathe.

 Wolfe’s Mate

A Siberian Volkov Romance

Book Seven


When her brother accidentally turns her into a lycan, Esme Fortescue struggles to find her balance. Now, while her brother desperately attempts to return her humanity, her lycan heartmate seduces her in her dreams.

Jared Wolfe has waited six months before claiming his mate due to the death of his parents and becoming the new Alpha of the Quebec Province. When Esme is in an accident and her brother disappears, Jared decides he can’t wait to claim her any longer. But will Esme consent to leave and can his newly changed mate handle the new Alpha?

For More Information or to connect with Caryn Moya Block: