Fall Back With Audio Books

If you live in one of the over seventy countries that experience Daylight Savings Time, did you remember to reset your clocks Sunday November 1st? It is simple to remember:




Because it is autumn 2020, We get an extra hour to sleep in and now wake to sunshine. However, darkness falls earlier each afternoon. This abrupt change can affect your health, especially if you forget to reset all those clocks! Luckily, most computers and mobile phones automatically ‘fix’ themselves.

What can you do when you suddenly find yourself driving home in the dark? There is less to see amid the bright lights of other cars, so how about listening to an audio book? I love to switch off the radio (all bad news) and set my cell phone to ‘read me a story’. I am currently listening to Owl be BEAR for You by DJ Jennings, a shifter romance. I recently finished enjoying Hot and Badgered by Shelly Laurenston (yes, the title drew me in).

My first audio book is titled My Honorable Highlander, a time travel romance. You can check it out here:



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