It’s Fall!

Now it’s coming back – September, Fall, cooler weather, the slight spooky to the atmosphere heading toward the dark of the year—and my favorite time, despite the resurgence of pumpkin spice. No offense but give me apple cider and cinnamon any time.

The shadows grow longer, the dark comes earlier and yes! The heat breaks. I’m not a hot weather, sit in the sun kind of girl, besides I blister in the shade when it comes to tanning.

The Pagan calendar comes alive with the Full Corn Moon on the 1st, Mabon on the 22nd, Haustblot on the 22nd, and Autumn Equinox also on the 22nd.

National Ghost Hunting day is the last Saturday in the month (assuming they have it again this year) – If you’re in San Antonio check out the haunted Victoria’s Black Swann Inn. In Philadelphia you could visit the Mutter Museum (now that really was creepy). The New York Finger Lakes specialize in the spooky if you’re in that area – In North Carolina Asheville has the Haunted Ghost Tours as well as Hillsborough. Colorado Haunted History near the Arapaho National Forest sounds interesting. See, they’re everywhere and probably near you.

Of course all of these might be on hiatus for this year due to other spooky things but put them on your list for next year. The ghosts aren’t going anywhere, obviously, and if it is happening, there will probably be smaller crowds.

In the meantime, you can read about the spooky. There’s lots out there. Mine can be found here.  Enjoy and get in the spirit!



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