The Psychic Feeling

If you’ve read any of my books, you know I like to go for that paranormal twist, subtle sometimes but there. I’m drawn to those stories where the mind has reached a new level, possibly the next level, and can communicate on this new level.

Whether it’s a child, like in Small Changes, an alien, as in Alien Embrace, an Alpha, in Don’t Look Back or just an evolution change nudge like The Melting, this has always fascinated me. I’ve gone full-on psychic in Learning Trust and now in my latest book, coming September 1 – Hazardous to the Touch.

I personally don’t have such powers though after all these years, I usually know what hubs is thinking or going to say. We can no longer play Twenty Questions because we know the answer before we get started. Now if I could have done that with my kids . . . I do have hunches and like most people, I know when eyes are on me. It’s that next step I want to see. I would think it would be harder to obscure the truth then or maybe advertise products or ideas. Wouldn’t that be a boon to mankind.

Both of my Grandmothers had a touch of it. Grandmother had eight children, six of them went to war in WWII and as far as she knew were out of the country. One day without warning, the backdoor opened and she said, “Is that you, Charles?” She had a one in eight chance and got it first time. I can’t even get the correct kid’s name out and I only have two. Momma Corey had a little more of it. On at least two occasions she was taking her afternoon nap with her hearing aids out. She was quite deaf (unless you didn’t want her to hear you) and I’d say sound asleep. Both times the phone rang in the kitchen (we didn’t have extensions in her part of the house). The first time to say her sister had passed away, the second that a son-in-law had died. On both occasions she woke up, came into the kitchen and said, “Was that about Sally?” and “Was that about Pat?” Momma was blown away both times. I witnessed these events, but they were not talked about in front of Momma. Daddy thought them fascinating too, so he and I sneaked around and discussed them at my level (age 6 and 8). I’d love to redo that conversation now.

Do you have experiences like these? I love to hear about them.

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