Ghosts of UNCG – Part 2

Returning to UNCG for more weird happenings – I want to recognize Hermann Trojanowski, Universitites Libraries for a lot of this information.  He retired in June, 2013 but prior to that he led an annual ghost tour of the campus and is the leading expert. I’m sure there isn’t one this year, but I’ve heard the tradition continues.

Mary Foust Hall, sister dorm to Guilford was named for Mary Foust Armstrong, daughter of the college’s second president, Julius Isaac Foust, and built in 1928.  Mary was a member of the class of 1920. She died in childbirth in 1925. There are tales that her ghost came to reside in the dormitory that bears her name. Rumors have been around for years about random “unexpected crying” and “funny noises” on the hall’s second floor. Mary Foust’s portrait, which had hung above the fireplace, disappeared some time back without a trace. Another rumor about Mary Foust Hall was that in the 1950s, three nursing students hanged themselves from the rafters in the attic.  I cannot confirm any of these rumors, but my nephew lived there his freshman year, so I’ll check with him and let you know.

Checked with my daughter about the old Aycock Auditorium, as she was a drama student at UNCG, and she had a great story. She wasn’t there, but her high school drama teacher talked about a night he was working late and was the last to leave the building. As he was ready to walk out he heard one of the seats go down. This is one of those venues where you push the seat down and it automatically goes up when you rise. He knew he was alone so he stepped back inside to check and all of the seats in the auditorium lowered and went back up. He got the hell out of there.

I really enjoyed this research since I was on campus for over 26 years. For more paranormal, check out Before You


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