Fighting Stress

I’ve been really stressed recently. In fact, it’s gotten so bad, there have been days when I’ve had to fight either bursting into tears or doing some physical damage. Happily, I know exactly when this extreme stress will end because I know the cause of it—I’m moving from my home of 17 years and, at the same time, getting the kitchen and bathrooms of my new home renovated. As anyone who has ever done either one of these things knows they are both extremely stressful things to go through individually, doubly so when they happen together.

To deal with this, I’ve been researching ways to combat stress. Exercise is one way. Well, I can tell you, packing is great exercise. Ever since I’ve started going through all of my belongings, cleaning things out, packing them into boxes and then lifting and moving those boxes into my garage, I’ve hardly felt the need to go to the gym. I am getting plenty of exercise.meditation

Another way is through meditation. Meditation is a fantastic way to clear your mind and relieve stress. It’s just a little hard to do with the intermittent scream of a saw as my contractor cuts tiles for my bathroom (and then comes to ask me questions or tells me that he doesn’t have some vital piece or grout or this doesn’t fit and that doesn’t work… well, you get the picture). In short, I’m having a little difficulty focusing enough to meditate.

And then I heard about this fantastic way of relieving stress—reading! Yes! Reading relieves stress. In a study from the University of Sussex which was published last year, they actually proved it. Reading as little as six minutes a day can reduce your stress by 70%! That’s incredible. (I also find it amazing that someone was actually able to read for only six minutes. Clearly they’re not reading paranormal fiction, or, possibly, any fiction at all).Three Wishes Cover 2x3

I almost always read when I eat my lunch. In fact, that’s about the only time of the day when I can just sit and relax and read what I want to read. So here I am, doing what will relieve my stress. I’m reading. Now, I thinking that maybe I should really devote myself to reading more and in a better way.

While doing my research for stress relievers and stress relieving reading, I came across a fantastic concept—groups of people who get together to read. Not to talk about reading. Not to discuss some book they’ve all read. But to just read. Everyone turns off their phones, picks up a physical book and reads for an hour. It sounds like heaven to me.

Of course, a lot of my books are on my tablet, so another suggestion that was made, that works really well, was to put your tablet or e-reader into airplane mode and then read. You won’t be disturbed by anything. It’ll be just like reading a physical book. Fantastic!

So, what have I been reading? Well, first I read Debra Dunbar’s recent release, Three Wishes (and I’ve got her newest release Sins of the Flesh in my Kindle app just waiting for me to get to it). Then I felt like reading a Regency, so I enjoyed an old Jayne Ann Krentz (I really love her paranormal books too). And now I’m reading a fun historical mystery called In the Blood by Steve Robinson.  Oh, and I read a vampire Regency romance as well called Bite me Your Grace, which was In the Bloodentertaining (her research was a little obvious and she had an annoying tendency to use first names more than felt realistic and comfortable to me—but then, so did Krentz in her novel, so who knows). And I’ve got a medieval romance involving an evil sorcerer that I started reading and then left somewhere. I need to find that book and finish it — hopefully, I didn’t accidentally pack it!

So what have you been relieving your stress with recently? Have you read any good books lately that you can share with us?

Release Day: Highland Charm, a Collection of Fantasy Romances from Kathryn Lynn Davis, April Holthaus, Victoria Zak, and Dawn Marie Hamilton

Highland Charm

Highland Charm

Four full length romance novels of Scottish myth, fantasy and legend from authors Kathryn Lynn Davis, April Holthaus, Victoria Zak and Dawn Marie Hamilton. Available ONLY for the Summer.
Available at Amazon.


From the moment of her birth, Muriella Calder is heiress to a great fortune many Highland clans desire to make their own. Touched by The Sight, she struggles to understand herself, while fighting those who threaten her world: the violent clans who relish war; her cunning guardian, Archibald Campbell, the powerful Earl of Argyll—callously ambitious, and bound by loyalty to the Crown; John Campbell, the Earl’s second son—a strong, experienced warrior on the battlefield—who cannot begin to understand the mysterious woman he is forced to wed; and Elizabeth Campbell Maclean, a gentle woman whose heart is forfeit in a treaty with a man her father hates. Completely captivating, Child of Awe carries the reader from the wild beauty of mist-shrouded glens to the horrors of war, from the hatred of ancient feuds to the wonder of new love: enchanting us, heart and soul, with the seamless skill of a genuine storyteller.


The Legend begins… After returning home from battle against a neighboring clan, Laird Galen Graham stumbles upon an injured woman in desperate need of care and protection. Wanting to return her to her family becomes a difficult task when he discovers the lass cannot speak. While trying to solve the mystery behind who she is, Galen finds himself falling in love with a lass he knows nothing about. Ella of Andor, knows nothing but wickedness and blood thirst for power as she follows in the footsteps of her predecessor, Alaris; a dark Fae queen. But while heading on a quest to ensure her people’s victory against their enemy, she is led to the heart of the Highlands where she soon discovers the truth about her past that would change her life forever.


Will Love’s Flame Quench the Dragon’s Fire? … The past never stays in the past, it rears its ugly head eventually. James the Black Douglas knows this all too well. With a past that has left him vengeful and his dragon blood thirsty, his reputation as a ruthless warrior haunts his enemies in their sleep. As his allegiance stands with Robert Bruce, the King of Scotland, he must now repay a debt to the king and agrees to marry his daughter, Abigale Bruce. The problem is he doesn’t want a wife. When flames start to burn out of control between him and the auburn-haired lass, he must decide to either kindle the flames of passion or shelter her from the truth and set her free. It’s What Shines in the Dark That Brings Forth Your True Light… Determined to keep his daughter safe and out of the hands of the English, Robert hides Abigale behind the safe walls of a nunnery. After eight long years of living her life in seclusion, Abigale is finally set free. But her new found freedom comes to an abrupt halt when she learns of her betrothal to the infamous Bogeyman – James the Black Douglas. She soon finds herself falling in love with the uncontainable and haunted man. Is her love enough to soften his hardened heart?


Determined to regain her royal status, a banished faerie princess accepts a challenge from the High-Queen of the Fae to unite an unlikely couple while the clan brownie attempts to thwart her. Passion ignites when a faerie-shove propels burned-out business consultant Laurie Bernard through the garden gate, back through time, and into the embrace of Patrick MacLachlan. The arrogant clan chief doesn’t know what to make of the lass in his arms, especially when he recognizes the brooch she wears as the one his stepmother wore when she and his father disappeared. With the fae interfering at every opportunity, the couple must learn to trust one another while they battle an enemy clan, expose a traitor within their midst and discover the true fate of the missing parents. Can they learn the most important truth—love transcends time?

  I’m very excited about this collection of first fantasies romances. I hope you will be too!

~Dawn Marie

New Release – My Perfect Mate by Caryn Moya Block

My Perfect Mate is now LIVE!

Come join Susan and JP as they journey into the Arctic Circle to save the world.

Sneak Peek:

“What’s their problem with lycans?” Susan asked as they started down the stairs.

“I don’t think anyone really knows,” Esme said. “Our kinds have interbred when the mating bond snapped into place. Mathis and the children prove that by turning into arctic wolves. Something must have happened in the past and now some, not all, of the polar bear shifters hate the lycans. They keep saying it’s about territorial hunting grounds. Lycans don’t hunt the seal or whale. Maybe you can find out more while you’re up there.”

“There you are, Suzy-Q. Ready to go?” Ujarak asked from the front door.

“Where’s JP?” Why did she have to sound so needy?

Ujarak frowned. “He’s outside with Mathis and Jared. I guess you’ll want to ride with him.”

“Yeah, I guess so,” Susan said.

Ujarak turned and stomped out the door. Esme squeezed her hand. “He must really like you to be so jealous. Are you going to be all right with these two?”

“Sure. I have every woman’s dream, a mate and a spare. What could go wrong?”

Myperfectmate_HugeMy Perfect Mate

The Siberian Volkov Pack Romance Book Ten

 Six months have passed since Susan Adams was forced to become a lycan. She’s embraced the wolf with her whole heart, but having super senses and running on four feet can’t help her keep a job or figure out where she belongs. Now, with a mating bond snapping into place and the mating heat riding her hard, Susan’s wolf is demanding she cement the bond in place. There’s only one problem. Her mate isn’t a lycan. In fact, she’s not sure what he is, and mating Susan is the farthest thing on his mind.

 Jean Paul Nadeau is not your ordinary elemental witch. He’s one of the famed Averys, as human witches know him. In truth, he is an immortal Fae Lord sent by the Queen of Avalon to guard a dimensional gateway sitting in the middle of Quebec City. When the lycan mating bond attaches to his heart, JP is both delighted and dismayed. Finding his “Destined One” is an unexpected gift, one that could cost him more than his immortality.

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Summer Storms are Coming. Go and READ A BOOK!

Stormy Weather-iStock_000039988246SmallSummer will be upon us before you know it, filled with thunderstorms, hurricanes, and a twister or two. I live in the southern United States, and have learned to be prepared. I can pack my wallet, medicines, and the cat within minutes. Maybe this is why I include weather and the destruction it can cause, in some of my books.

SHIVER: a White Mountains Thriller, a romantic suspense, is set in present-day New Hampshire, where I lived for many years. Destiny Blake is bothered by two local men intent on garnering her attention, but she falls for an older art history professor, whom she saves on a mountain trail. A murder, a stalker, and a couple of ghostly voices, as well as her hot and cold relationship with Jacob Oliver, come together during an icy snowfall (weather!!!) on her mountain.

I will follow this with IGNITE: a White Mountains Thriller that stars two paramedic firefighters and the firestorm that threatens their lives (Wind!!!)

In my Kilted Athletes Through Time series, My Lady Highlander, My Dark Highlander, and the new My Hunted Highlander, powerful magic creates storms that carry both the bad guys and my heroes, through time.

SHIVER-Createspace CoverAttachment-1

What am I trying to say? Enjoy sunny days, but prepare for bad weather by picking up a book, and read.

Nancy Lee Badger

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