If only magic was as good

You would think that being able to wield magic would be a great boon, something that would solve all of your problems, make life so much easier. Unfortunately, paranormal and fantasy novels just keep proving again and again that magic MeredithBond_BridgingtheStorm-200doesn’t work that way. In fact, it’s usually the opposite.

Magic frequently leads to things getting worse, or at best, not getting any better.

Case in point—my new novel, Bridging the Storm.

In it, one of my main characters is Tatiana Vallentyn, the high priestess of the Vallen (the magical people in the world of my Storm Series books). Her children are dying of consumption (the book is set during the Regency) and she just isn’t powerful enough to save them. She, who is the most powerful Vallen, isn’t powerful enough. It’s so frustrating for her and so upsetting that her children are sick that she’ll do anything to save them. She calls in Sir Arthur Dagonet, another Vallen who was gifted with eternal life by the great Merlin, hoping that he’ll know of some magic that can help. He goes through every possible magic, but it’s not enough and things only get worse.

Magic just isn’t enough.

It can bring happiness. It can solve a whole host of problems. But in the end, you should be grateful that you don’t actually have any real magic because it will only lead you into trouble.

The only kind of magic anyone can actually count on is the ineffable magic of love—that special something that happens when two people are meant to be together. This is a true form of magic that can be found not only in books, but in real life as well.

You’ll know it when it happens to you. You’ll feel it. That sweet tingling feeling, the sense of utter right-ness. This is real magic that we all have the opportunity to experience—personally, I’ve been experiencing it every day for over 22 years, so I know that it’s real.

So, while Tatiana wasn’t able to save her children with her magic, Sir Arthur did find the magic of love with Tatiana’s niece, Kate Cherington. It starts off slowly, and then builds bit by bit until in an explosion of emotion Kate and Sir Arthur know that this is absolutely right. This is the true magic in this paranormal romance.

You can find it everywhere you buy books on-line.

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