If only magic was as good

You would think that being able to wield magic would be a great boon, something that would solve all of your problems, make life so much easier. Unfortunately, paranormal and fantasy novels just keep proving again and again that magic MeredithBond_BridgingtheStorm-200doesn’t work that way. In fact, it’s usually the opposite.

Magic frequently leads to things getting worse, or at best, not getting any better.

Case in point—my new novel, Bridging the Storm.

In it, one of my main characters is Tatiana Vallentyn, the high priestess of the Vallen (the magical people in the world of my Storm Series books). Her children are dying of consumption (the book is set during the Regency) and she just isn’t powerful enough to save them. She, who is the most powerful Vallen, isn’t powerful enough. It’s so frustrating for her and so upsetting that her children are sick that she’ll do anything to save them. She calls in Sir Arthur Dagonet, another Vallen who was gifted with eternal life by the great Merlin, hoping that he’ll know of some magic that can help. He goes through every possible magic, but it’s not enough and things only get worse.

Magic just isn’t enough.

It can bring happiness. It can solve a whole host of problems. But in the end, you should be grateful that you don’t actually have any real magic because it will only lead you into trouble.

The only kind of magic anyone can actually count on is the ineffable magic of love—that special something that happens when two people are meant to be together. This is a true form of magic that can be found not only in books, but in real life as well.

You’ll know it when it happens to you. You’ll feel it. That sweet tingling feeling, the sense of utter right-ness. This is real magic that we all have the opportunity to experience—personally, I’ve been experiencing it every day for over 22 years, so I know that it’s real.

So, while Tatiana wasn’t able to save her children with her magic, Sir Arthur did find the magic of love with Tatiana’s niece, Kate Cherington. It starts off slowly, and then builds bit by bit until in an explosion of emotion Kate and Sir Arthur know that this is absolutely right. This is the true magic in this paranormal romance.

You can find it everywhere you buy books on-line.

Happy Spring! And, a Sneak Peek: Just Wait For Me


Happy Spring!

Spring has finally sprung in my neighborhood, and I’m crazy busy working on my next book. In the meantime, more birds are visiting our feeders and a bluebird couple has moved into the bluebird house on our fence. Watching them is a wonderful diversion during breaks.

Just Wait For Me

Coming Summer 2015

Since I’m working on JUST WAIT FOR ME, the third full-length novel in the Highland Gardens series, I thought I might share the opening lines (unedited) from the prologue…

9 September, 1513
Near the village of Branxton

The king is dead.

Anguish tore from her halfling soul with a fae scream that reverberated over the field of devastation like rolling thunder. Silence ensued. Men frozen in fear.

Caitrina dropped to her knees beside the redheaded warrior and ran gentle fingers along the bloodied curve of his handsome face. Damn Oonagh! Damn the fae queen! She’d refused to allow Caitrina to intervene in the politics of the mortals and prevent this tragedy.

Now, the king lay dead, fatally wounded by an arrow and a bill. Be damned the English and their nasty weapon—the bill, a staff mounted with hooked chopping blade and pointed projections. The Scots hadn’t stood a chance against the onslaught in this slippery, hilly terrain with their cumbersome pikes.

Heart broken, she cradled the man to her breast. Such greatness lost. Tears spilled unchecked onto his precious face. Too late. Even the magic tears of a Sithichean princess couldn’t revive the king.

“Caitrina! Let us be away from here.” The brùnaidh, the Maclachlan Clan brownie, fussed at her back. “We must remove Stephen from the field before the English learn he lives and plunge a bill into his chest.”

She ignored the wee man. How would the Scots forge forward without their beloved king—with only a bairn and the sister of the despised English monarch to guide them?

~Dawn Marie

New Release – Aerial Magic by Caryn Moya Block

It’s Here! Aerial Magic

by Caryn Moya Block

I had so much fun writing this book and working with my editor to make it the best version it could be. My other series of books is set in contemporary Earth, except for adding some well hidden paranormal beings and talents. This series begins that way with Destined Magic and then the magic begins. Each book in the series will take the heroes on an adventure into a different world.  I find world building exhilarating. I love coming up with different cultures and belief systems. In Aerial Magic you get to enter the world of the Fae, a beautiful and deadly place. Enjoy!


Aerial Magic copyAerial Magic

Book Two of the Witch Guardian Romance Series

Elise Delaire, the Guardian healer, goes to the bonding ceremony of her best friend. While there, Mabel Avery, the commander of the Guardians, introduces her to Curtis Brant. But when Elise shakes Brant’s hand, she realizes that not only is this man not who he says he is, he is also her Destined One.

Owen Avery is on a mission from the queen of the Fae. Apprehend the rogue Fae who is now being called the Red Wizard. Everything is going according to plan until he shakes hands with the delectable Elise. Not only can she see through his disguise, but her touch causes his magic house tattoo to take on color, proving that she is his Destined One. Is he willing to give up his immortality and his home, the land of the Fae, to claim her?

This is book two in the Witch Guardian Romance Series. To enjoy this book to the fullest, it is suggested that you read the series in order, starting with “Destined Magic”.

Sneak Peak #1:

As their hands touched, sparks shot from their fingertips. A shock of electricity traveled up her arm and into her heart. The man in front of her wavered, growing taller. His hair turned white blond and fell to his shoulders. The thick glasses disappeared and his eyes deepened in color to emerald. The bone structure in his face became more angular and his ears appeared to grow pointed tips. A look of shock crossed his features.


Sneak Peek#2:

Trumpets blared and a woman wearing a crystal studded emerald dress and tall silver crown entered, followed by several more guards. Pearls lay draped in her long white blond hair.

“At last, Owen has sent Rhaim home. Guards take my nephew to the dungeon until I decide his fate. Now, what have we here, and where is Owen?” the woman asked. Two men wearing blue and gold uniforms dragged the Red Wizard from the room.

Elise tried to sit up the rest of the way, and moaned when her brain threatened to burst. “Owen is at the Red Wizard’s compound. I used the bracelet port key,” Elise said, holding onto her head, the sound of her own voice painful to her ears.

“Who might you be?” the woman asked. This must be the Queen of the Fae who Owen mentioned.

“I’m Elise Delaire, Owen’s Destined One. I’m a Guardian.”

“Guards, take this human out and kill her,” the woman said.


Sneak Peek#3:

“Uh, uh, uh. None of that,” Owen said, taking her hand from his body and pulling it to the headboard. “You are mine, little healer, all mine. Wood so hard, mold and carve, bracelet wrists to hold and guard.”

The wood of the headboard stretched and opened to encase Elise’s wrists. “Hey, no fair,” Elise complained, tugging experimentally at the bonds. They held tight.

Available on:

Smashwords.com: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/512930

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/aerial-magic/id960802404?mt=11


Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00SKDI6C8

Kobo: https://store.kobobooks.com/search?Query=Aerial+Magic

I had a GHOST of a Time writing this book

I wrote a book many years ago and it was simple…a young woman works to pay the bills while dreaming about attending the college where she works; an older man in the middle of divorce who was forced out of the cop job he loved, has moved to a rural New Hampshire town to teach, and accidentally meets a beautiful young woman on a hiking trail. Until the story was purchased by a small publisher in 2010, it morphed in many ways.

Originally, I assumed it fit the ‘romantic suspense’ genre. Even now, after my publisher closed its doors,  and after I re-titled it, revised it, made a new cover, and released it myself, I realize I could also shelve this book among the ‘gothic’ or even the ‘paranormal’ genres.

Why? because ghostly voices assist my main characters, and my ruthless villain, in small ways. Their aid culminated once a murderer gets too close to my heroine, while my hero desperately attempts to save her. Here is a small excerpt. Do you think this pushed it out of the thriller genre?

Rage festered over time until the urge to force his will on another woman led him to raping and killing that college girl. She’d wandered through the woods and played right into his hands.

“Evil deeds bring a hideous end,” whispered a voice.

He swung his head back and forth, but saw nothing. The echo of a faceless feminine voice, oddly familiar, drifted on the stiff breeze. He ignored it, making sure he was alone, and reviewed his plans.

Intrigued? How about this excerpt?

“I must be crazy,” she murmured in the night. Careful to keep her voice and breathing shushed, Destiny rested on the log. He mustn’t find her.

“You are not crazy,” the voice insisted.

Had the voice originated from somewhere behind nearby trees? Had the monster found her? Her iced-up brain worked in slow motion until she realized a woman’s voice had spoken.

Not him.

“Who said that?” She coughed to clear her dry throat. The frail croak from her lips sounded foreign to her ear and the sound reverberated through the snowflakes, muffling the madman’s approach.

The cold might win if she didn’t locate a safe haven. But, if she moved from this spot of relative safety, her attacker might find her.

“Run for your life. He comes!”

So, though the book is titled SHIVER: a White Mountains Thriller, keep your mind open to the ghostly voices peppered throughout the story.SHIVER-Createspace Cover



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