The Reader’s Power

You, dear reader, have an incredibly powerful voice. You can make an author’s day (with a nice review), you can tell an author what you’d like to see (either through Facebook, Twitter or an email) or you can show them how much you like their books (by telling your friends about it).

MeredithBond_BridgingtheStorm-200 I love hearing from readers. I love getting comments about my books—both good and bad. And I love learning what you’d like to know more about. It was through such comments that I realized that I needed to write Bridging the Storm, Book 2 of the Storm series which just went up for pre-order last Monday.

I had written Magic in the Storm about the seventh child of the seventh child in the seventh generation who is destined to be the most powerful Vallen (magical person)… except that he was born the wrong sex. It’s the story of how Morgan (the hero) learns how he can attain his destiny and the powers he should have had. Throughout the story, Morgan fights not only the fact that he doesn’t have all of his powers, but his mother as well. She is furious at him for MagicInTheStorm 6x8being male and has always hated him because of that.

But my readers wrote to me and cried out that they couldn’t understand how a woman could treat her son the way Morgan’s mother treats him!

I wrote Storm on the Horizon so that people could learn about where Morgan’s mother, Tatiana came from. What was important to her (duty above all else!) and how she met and fell in love with Kit, Morgan’s father. It’s a sweet novella where we get to meet the young Tatiana and fall in love with her and Kit.

But then my readers cried out that they now loved Tatiana and still didn’t understand how she could treat Morgan so badly in Magic in the Storm. I’d actually made things worse!

New Storm Cover 2x3So, now, I’ve written Bridging the Storm. It is, partly, the tale of how Tatiana became the horrible person she is in Magic in the Storm—through no fault of her own, really, the odds were stacked against her… but you’ll have to read the book to learn more. But I couldn’t just have a sad tale of a woman going mad, I’m a romance writer! So the main plot of the story is actually the romance between Sir Arthur Dagonet and Kit’s niece, Kate Cherington.

Poor Kate was taken to live with her aunt and uncle when she was six, after her mother died. Terrified of being abandoned again she makes herself indispensable to Tatiana—so much so that Tatiana has no intention of ever introducing Kate to society so that she can find someone to marry. But Kate longs for marriage, or barring that, an exciting life of travel and exploration, just like in the books she loves to read.

Sir Arthur Dagonet is Sir Dagonet from my Children of Avalon series. At the end of Fire: Nimuë’s Destiny, Merlin gave Sir Dagonet the gift of being able to become young whenever he wants—only that gift has turned into a curse! Dagonet can’t die. After seeing everyone he’s ever loved pass on, he’s ready to go himself, he just needs to find someone to remove Merlin’s gift. Tatiana, the high priestess of the Vallen, might be the only person who can do this, so when she invites him to her home, he’s thrilled. Little does he know that there he’ll meet the one woman who just might make being alive worthwhile.

So, my dear Reader, without you I never would have written this book. Think about this the next time you lose yourself in a fantastic story. On the other end of it is a writer who would love to hear what you have to say about the book. A writer who, just might, take your words to heart and write another book—just for you!

Bridging the Storm now available for pre-order for only 99 cents at Amazon, Kobo, Apple iBooks and Google Play! Storm on the Horizon is being re-released on Monday, February 16, re-edited and with added scenes as well as a new cover and is available for free at your favorite e-retailer including Amazon, Barnes & NobleApple iBooks, Kobo, and Google Play.

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