Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month


Summer is officially over, but the days are still sunny and the nights just right.  While writing and editing in a quiet corner of my home, or out on my deck, I find I keep thinking of how I got to this moment in time…September 2014. I was fortunate to find a love of writing, and took the chance at writing fulltime by retiring from my 40-50 hour/week job.

The various ups and downs that have plagued me does not tell it all, but I find that I have been blessed by people who help me achieve my dreams.  Since my second publisher just closed its doors, I am now officially an Independent Author, also called an Indie Author. Even without a publishing house behind me, I still require help. A couple of these fabulous helpers are called editors. They work nearly as hard as I do, making sure my spelling is perfect, my meanings are clear, and my story makes sense. That can be a challenge.

Writing and editing books with a supernatural flavor, filled with either shape-shifters, vampires, dragons, the occult, zombies and the like takes very special people. They have to understand what we are trying to share, then jump in and clean it up. (Not TOO clean, mind you)

I discovered that September has been designated Be Kind To Editors and Writers Month, so I wish to publicly thank those editors out there, especially the ones who read and correct my work.  (You know who you are but I am NOT naming you because I have too many books for you to work on!)

If you are an author, I hope others are kind to you this month. To all those editors of romance, technical books, magazines, blogs, newspapers and the like, be proud of your talent. Without u, mi werk wood reed farely dull end bee filt with erreres. Thanks!

My latest release, MY LADY HIGHLANDER

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(Also available in print)


Watch this space for the release of my next book



5 thoughts on “Be Kind to Editors and Writers Month

  1. How nice to recognize those who’ve helped us during our writing journey 🙂 Have to thank my editor, Cindy Davis, for her belief in me…and her wonderful sense of humor and patience; TWRP co-founder/owner, Rhonda Penders, for helping me–out of her own pocket–through a really tight spot when I ran into a problem with novel order–for my first book signing; my critique partner, Lynnette/Hallberg w/a Lynnette Austin, for her friendship, support, and eagle eye :-); my Seymour Agency peeps and SWFRW chapter members for their help and support. Too many other authors to name who’ve lent a hand when I needed it. But you and I know who you are. Bless you all!

  2. I have had several editors, while with my two publishers, and have now found a team of three who helps catch different things the others miss…especially me! Sometimes the author is too close to their work and their characters.

  3. Reblogged this on Finder's Keeper's and commented:
    excellent… and I would like to thank my editor/writer friend Tracy Stengel Foore… and anyone else that helps with my story telling insanity, even the ‘Voices’ .. ;P read on and thank your own literary buds, happy wordage

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